Singer Dressmakers Dummy

If you are contemplating a career as a professional dressmaker or just love sewing, consider buying a dressmakers dummy to make the creative and sewing process so much easier. There are a lot of brands in the market but if you really plan on investing in a good brand, try a Singer dressmakers dummy. In general, Singer dummies are definitely wonderful time-saving tools that you should have in your sewing room. They also allow you to alter ready-to-wear clothes and make pattern adjustments before cutting. With Singer, you can set necklines, collars, and sleeves easily. Linings, hems, and total construction will be a joy because of adjustable body contours that provide a perfect fit. The brand assures professional results at an affordable price.

Among others, the Singer Adjustable Dress Form in Gray is selling like hotcakes. In fact, this 12-dial adjustable form is the most bought dummy in Amazon. This probably has something to do with its affordable price and 12-dial adjustability that allows you to easily customize your garment. This Singer dressmakers dummy has a neck setting for excellent collar fitting. In addition, there are so many things you can practically do because its height is also adjustable. For perfect hemlines, it has a standard hemĀ gauge to mark off the hems of dresses and skirts. Pinning can also be done easily. This dummy costs around $130 or even less if you catch it on sale.

The Singer Dressmaking Model 150, on the other hand, has full shoulders and a handy hem gauge. For extra small and small sizes, this Singer dressmakers dummy also has 12 auto-set dials, which allow you to alter the waist, bust, and hips of the mannequin with the following ranges: 77-93 cm in the waist, 100-116 cm in the bust, and 101-117 cm in the hips. It also has an adjustable four-legged stand with a height range of 72-130 cm. In addition, this dummy is comprised of eight parts to allow the waistline to be lengthened when a longer back measurement is required. The neck is fully adjustable with an auto-set system. It also has a useful pin cushion. It is not only made from durable materials, the dummy is also rust resistant. It costs around $120.

With its very reasonable price, what more can you ask from a Singer dressmakers dummy? Each one is of high quality, which does not disappoint. It is a wonderful tool for anyone who makes clothing for themselves or for others, even for those who have unusual proportions.

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